Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast

The System We Used to Clear our Home Loan in Four Years.

To get rid of your home loan in under 5 years, you need a system.

The trouble with a mortgage is that sinking uneasy feeling you get when you know you can afford it as long as nothing goes wrong.

Your knowledge that you have to make that payment each week never quite goes away.

The mortgage payment seems like an acquaintance in the house. You have to feed it and look after it, but you aren't really all that close.

If you want to do something as a family, you always say, "but what about the mortgage". It makes you feel like giving it a name. You know, something like, Lucius.

"We could go fishing at the coast this Christmas, but what about Lucius?". Yeah, that works.

Seriously though, your mortgage payment is vitally important, because without it, you may not have your home.

Here's the thing, though

If you can't pay it, you could lose your home, but if you can pay it, often your life choices are restricted.

Now, we probably shouldn't whinge about it too much because the mortgage bought the house for us, but... wouldn't it be nice if the mortgage was gone?

So. Is it possible to get rid of the home loan  entirely?

Well, we did. But a lot of people don't.

I reckon it's often because they don't know how.

Don't get me wrong. It can take a significant effort to get rid of your home loan REALLY fast. Not everybody wants the loan gone enough to make that effort. BUT... If you are up for the effort, you need to know HOW.

So let's assume you know how, AND you're up for the effort, required. Can you realistically expect to get rid of that debt in just a few years?


If you had no home loan and you needed to move for a better job, you don't have to worry about paying the mortgage.

If one of you wants to take some time off to bring up a family, ..NO MORTGAGE.

A trip around the world for a year. Rent the house, there's NO MORTGAGE, so you get to keep the rent money.

There are a limitless number of possibilities if the mortgage is gone!

After 30 years as a banker, I have seen thousands of home owners slave over their mortgage and wonder why it took so long.

A few figured it out. You see, we know what works, and we did it ourselves.

Even something as simple as understanding how loans work can make a difference. For instance:

Did you know that to double the amount you are actually paying off your home loan, is not actually a lot of money?

It works like this:

Let's say you owe 300 grand and you're paying it off at 6% interest, on a 30 year loan.

Your repayments will be around $1800 a month.

At 6% interest, the interest component of that repayment is approximately $1500/month.

This means that you are actually paying only about $300 per month off your mortgage.

That little bit of insight probably feels like a punch in the belly.

Anyway, there is some good news, and that is to double your payments, you don't need to find another 1800 bucks each month. Just an extra 300, and that's a lot easier to do.

There are plenty of reasons why the mortgage is like a tight pair of boots that don't really fit.

They protect your feet from stones, but it is an enormous relief to take them off. The mortgage got you the house, but won't it be nice when it's gone?


Our system is so simple. It's not effort free, but it's uncomplicated.

The first thing we'll ask you to do is implement some strategies to start the damn thing going down a lot faster.

These strategies will normally knock a few years off your loan, and we explain why they work.

Then we start on the main game, getting rid of that debt, with strategies designed to simply attack the debt. I'm glad your mortgages isn't alive because it is in the firing line.

We have included some of those initial strategies in the offer of  6 Free Tips to help you get started.

These tips will help you speed up the loan and will make a difference almost immediately.

Plus, to help you stay focused and get your finances working with you instead of against you, we will email you,

one free personal finance coaching lesson each day for 5 days!

I'm hoping that the regular email will help keep you focused for that critical few days when you start?

If you think this might  help then just read on and register for the 6 Free tips.
OK, the real trick is to get rid of your home loan altogether. Now, that is LIFE CHANGING.

Getting rid of your home loan altogether, requires discipline, technique, and a plan.

We developed our plan as we went along. You know, try something, if it works, do it more, etc.

 By the time the home loan was gone, the whole thing had become a system.

Since then, our plan and system has been refined, fine tuned, and explained. Ready to use.

Unfortunately if you start from scratch, by yourself, without a plan, you have to learn the hard way.

You have to understand your mortgage; figure it out for yourself.

That insight I shared at the top of this page about doubling your payment, can take quite a while to figure out yourself, if you start from scratch. And that little insight is just one of many.
You have to apply the knowledge you have and try different things to get rid of that mortgage.

When those things you try don't work, you have to drop them and try something else.

You have to keep doing this until you figure out what works.

So, you could do it the hard way, I suppose. But wouldn't it be easier, when we share our system with you, just to follow that?

Let's face it. If your home loan is (say) $300 grand, or whatever figure it is, then that's what you have to pay back. You can slice it and dice it into monthly or weekly amounts as much as you like, but to get rid of a loan of this size, you need a plan.

Don't start from scratch.

Just get on with it.

We'd like to help.

Our plan to pay off your mortgage, includes systems to help you carry out the plan.
I know we focus on the lifestyle cost of the mortgage, and that really is the most important part, but...

Have you ever worked out just how much you'll pay if you take 30 years to get rid of the damn thing?

 If you though the insight about your 'real' loan repayment was depressing, don't work this one out.

I will say this though.

If you pay your mortgage off 25 years early, the savings are truly staggering!

Have you thought about how your life would be different without that home loan?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the job flexibility to be able to watch your kid's school sports days?

Wouldn't it be nice to know that dropping to one income for a few years to start a family is no big deal?

Wouldn't it be nice to put a tenant in the house and go for a 12 month long vacation?

What options would you have, with your mortgage gone?

I'm guessing you know, as we do, that getting rid of your home loan in just a few years practically gives you your life back, in terms of the choices you have.

It's this choice and the ability to choose those less definable but infinitely more important things such as family over money that this topic is really all about.

So, are you READY? Are you ready for the challenge of  paying off your mortgage in under 5 years?

I have two options for you:

. You could Buy the eBook with the whole system for the ridiculously low price of $19.95 and we will throw in, absolutely free, our complimentary budgeting manual, right now.

Incidentally, that budgeting manual, valued at $14.95 (yours free when you purchase the book) was an important component of a financial literacy course we used to charge participants $297.50 to attend.

Let's just do it!


   . Just register for your FREE 6 Quick Tips and make some changes today, (Register for this option
     just a bit further down the page)


You could do both.

The mortgage is a strange thing. It shrinks when it gets attention. Its time to pay it some attention and watch it shrink.

Here is our  ABSOLUTELY FREE BONUS 6 Quick Tips and personal finance coaching lessons for you.

How much?

Free. Not only free for you, but if you find the lessons helpful, please send the link to your friends so they can get their six tips and 5 free lessons also.

Every person that is saved from the tyranny of their mortgage helps to reduce stress in the world. That has to be a good thing!

Just register here and we'll email your 6 FREE TIPS and you'll also receive your 5 daily personal finance coaching emails.

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See What our Readers Say about 'Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast' the eBook.

The ebook was fantastic and easy to understand with great steps to reach financial success. Already I have seen my "Principal Place Of Residence" mortgage drop from 30 years to 18 years just by following your principles of Offset Account, Putting additional money into the home loan (Great at Tax Time), and changing from Monthly to Fortnightly payments.

I have a long way to go but also am not paying off 1 but 3 houses (2 are investment properties) and I am only 30. Thanks for keeping me on track financially.

Sales and Training Representative
“I just love the book. It should be compulsory reading for every first home buyer.”
Office manager

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